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Morgan Plus 4 870 mil från ny

710 060 kr
Plus 4
870 mil
Uppgift saknas


Hitta rätt bilförsäkring för dig

  • this iconic model has continued to evolve
  • coupled with a five-speed transmission
  • provides a spirited driving experience
  • and handling remain crisp and agile
Beskrivning och övrig information
Morgan plus 4 2018 i nyskick säljes. Med alla original tillbehör. Även en original Morgan resväska resväska i skinn. The Morgan Plus 4 stands as an emblem of classic automotive heritage and timeless design. Renowned for its iconic British craftsmanship and vintage aesthetic, the Plus 4 represents a quintessential sports car that seamlessly merges tradition withmodern performance. First introduced in 1950, retaining its nostalgic charm while incorporating contemporary engineering and technological advancements. Its sleek lines, and spirited driving experience have made the Morgan Plus 4 a beloved classic in the realm of sports cars. Interior: The Morgan Plus 4's interior is a combination of luxury, classic and practicality. Its elegant black leather upholstery complements the vibrant yellow exterior. Having a leather interior both adds a touch of luxury feel whilst also being a tough and suitable material for an open car. The seats offer great support in the twisty turns whilst offering enough comfort to go on longer journeys. The Morgan also offers great heating thereby not limiting you from having the top down on cooler days. Where classic enters the interior is with the old school steering wheel and instrument cluster, all tying together with the vintage look of the exterior. Exterior: Painted in a striking yellow and black color scheme, the Morgan Plus 4 is a head-turner. Its sleek and handcrafted bodywork beautifully contrasts the vibrant yellow hue with classic black accents, creating a visually unmistakably classic aesthetic. The wire-spoke wheels add a touch of vintage charm, perfectly complementing the car's iconic design. Given the car's age and mileage, there is nothing to nitpick on in terms of condition. Engine: Underneath its classic exterior lies a robust 156hp Ford derived engine, embodying modern performance within a traditionally styled vehicle. This powertrain, combining the thrill of a classic sports car with the efficiency and reliability of modern engineering. Driving: With just 8, this 2018 Morgan Plus 4 delivers a driving experience akin to a brand-new vehicle. The car's performance, reflecting its limited usage. The combination of its powerful engine, low weight and the balanced chassis makes for an exhilarating and enjoyable drive, whether cruising along winding roads or navigating city streets. In addition to this, the car has a great exhaust note that truly suits the vintage look of the car. The Plus 4 offers a blend of classic charm and modern performance that makes every drive a memorable experience. Vi byter gärna in din klassiker eller sportbil. 556793-3378

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